Heron Weeder
Heron: Our main tool. Rigid and durable 6 in. blade for any condition, especially rock and clay. Available with a 54” shorter handle. (60” is standard.) Fiberglass handle tool weighs 2.46 pounds.    Wood handle tool weighs aprox. 2.88 pounds. See a field tested review @ http://www.joshvolk.com/Reviews/heronhoe.html   TheBayouGardener- Forum review of the Hooke 'n Crooke. 
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This garden weeder is so versatile it almost makes weeding fun. Now you can stand up while doing the precision weeding around plants and in those tight spots where you previously had to get on your hands and knees. The rigid blade on a heavy duty handle slices through weeds with less effort. The flat blade is suited for weeding in open spaces using a back and forth action as well getting in between plants and next to bulbs. The tip has many functions. It can be used to isolate individual weeds or score the ground to loosen the soil. The flat blade slices weeds just below the surface. Less soil is disturbed, which brings fewer new weeds to the surface. This action also aerates the soil. Because the handle mounts over the blade you can see the vertical blade edge and always know how close you are to your plants. Flip the blade over and use it as a rake to remove cut weeds or smooth out the area. These features make the Hooke ‘n Crooke™ a great tool for maintaining your garden or landscape. Stand up straight, lay the flat blade in the dirt, pull it back to slice just under the surface and let the tool do all the work. Review our manual to see more uses for this revolutionary tool.
Heron Weeder - available in: Fiberglass                    and Ash Handles                                                                             54” or 60” length
 Heron Weeder, with wood handle, amongst the Rhubarb.
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Honey Bee Weeder
Honey Bee- Long: Our newest model. This tool, with a 4 in. blade and 60” handle is also designed for maintained soil. This is for the Gardener or grower who wants a light weight tool that is narrower and more nimble than the standard Heron. Fiberglass handle tool weighs 2.18 pounds.    Wood handle tool weighs aprox. 2.21 pounds. Great for Onions and Lettuce.
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Paul James, The Gardner Guy, says,
“it’s my hands down Favorite”
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Testimonials We have found that Word of Mouth is our greatest testimonial! See a field tested review at: http://www.joshvolk.com/Reviews/heronhoe.html You can have all my hoes, rakes and shovels-just don’t touch my H&C.  It’s the only tool I make sure is locked up every night. My wife made me stop locking it up in the house.  Going to use it today! Bill H.  At my gardening class today, the instructor let us use his "Heron" Hooke 'n Crooke. Great tool! ! ! I AM HOOKEED. Kathy from New Mexico" “ I won the Hummingbird and Heron at a tradeshow. Almost gave it away because I didn't know what the heck I won! WOW! That would have been a HUGE mistake. This is now my favorite gardening tool. Not only that it is going to make my holiday shopping a breeze this year. Guess what everyone is getting :) Dolores B., Michigan We used the 'Heron' to clear our garden paths and that is one heck of a testimonial for the hooke-n-crooke! Julie D. Twin lakes Michicgan Thank you for inventing this for all of us. The price may seem steep for one tool, but the bucket of tools I usually drag around cost more than this - and I usually have to replace one each season. To anyone who is put off by the cost I say "Buy it!". Kim W. Virginia. I love the Heron so much that I am buying one for my sister as a birthday gift. Marie. B Charlottesville, VA I saw a gardener on the university campus where I work using the Heron. He said it was the best tool he's used for weeding the flower beds. Carolyn H, Oregon “I just used my Heron for the first time on my own beds and garden - what took me an hour to do last week, took me just 10 minutes with the Hook 'n Crooke!” “hands down the hook 'n crooke is far superior, and so much easier. Amazing and Very Exciting!” David R. Bergen, NJ "This is the best damn tool I have ever used" Beth, age 67 White Plains, NY “its so easy for me to use and does everything, the more I use it the more ,the more I love it ” Dee P, Vista, CA “I was about to come out here with a shovel and turn this all over, then you showed up with the Hooke ‘n Crooke. This is great, how easy” Rick N. Clintondale, NY “I’m hooked on the Hooke ‘n Crooke” Cathi R. NJ “it’s a dream weeder,” Linda E. Burlington Flats, NY “This is unique and well balanced,” Roger, CT “Wow, This is one serious tool,” Deanna, CT I keep finding more uses for it. It works great in the chicken house for dropping removal and it's been handy for ice removal on the steps and entryways when the ice starts to melt. Scott, NY . . . and as Grampa Adrian used to say, ”it’s mighty fine, get yourself one Sal.”
Honey Bee: Fiberglass Wooden Ash Handle 60” standard handle 54” “short” available